About Me

ARChoudhury.com is a natural Health, Fitness and Motivation blog that seeks to inform, inspire and empower readers to take action and make positive changes in their lives by providing them the best scientific Health, Fitness and Motivational tips.

Now you may be thinking that who am I and Why I’m giving you tips about health, fitness and motivational. So, I’m going to explain everything in this page.

Who am I?

I’m like you a normal human being but a big fitness enthusiast. For God’s blessing as well as my knowledge, experience and hard work, I’m living a Healthy and Fit life in India.

My name is Abdur Rahaman Choudhury and I was born on 3rd January of 1992.I love the subject Biology so I have completed my graduate degree in Biochemistry from The Burdwan University in 2013. But I want to gain more knowledge, so I also completed the master’s degree also in Biochemistry from the same university in 2015.

After that, I joined a Pharma company as a quality control but I don’t like it so much and I think I’m not made for this kind of work. So I have decided to leave it and go to the Government sector. But again I didn’t like it. I don’t know why but I simply not interested in the government sector. So, I have decided to build my own way of living.

At that time I heard a lot about YouTube in India. But due to a shying person, I again rejected to go to YouTube. After so many research I have decided to launch my own blog about Health, Fitness and Motivation. Because I love to teach and motivate people about Health, Fitness.

It took me a lot of time and efforts to build a blog by myself. At first, I didn’t even know what is domain and literally have started from zero. Till now I manage all things from managing the blog to writing content to marketing.

Now you guys tell me and suggest me anything you can about my blog. I’m always open to here to you my friend.

Now, Why I start this Blog?

The average human being, especially those who live in large cities, is increasingly immersed in the daily routine and stress that the environment generates. The accumulated fatigue generates great wear both physically and mentally.

More and more people are looking for different ways to make necessary changes in their lives, which allows them to improve their physical and mental state.

Every person who joins the fitness world, does it in search of improving their health, not only to get a better appearance in front of the mirror, but to feel good about themselves.

This is where I enter. Many of these people do not have enough knowledge to start this new path, they do not feel capable or simply need extra motivation to be able to initiate a change in their lifestyle.

ARChoudhury.com is dedicated, full time, to offer the necessary support that is required to take the first steps to this new world.

What is My Tool?

My main tool is you, my friends, my followers, my readers who wants to live a healthy, fit and secure life.

I want a medium to reach all those people who need support at the right time. For this, I use all the main social networks of today (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+) and of course, here I publish detailed articles about different Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Relation and Motivational topics regularly.

It is my goal and I hope that each person who tries to take his first step towards a healthy, happy and secure life, can achieve it. Thanks to you guys who followes me, who follow this blog and take part in my social media networks. Without you this blog is nothing.