Free Fitness Consultation

Yes! Now you can consult with me for free.  You can ask me your questions and I will give you the solutions, advice or tips for free. Read the following details and get Free Fitness Consultation.

When and How you can consult with me for free?

You can consult me for free at any time. Just you have to subscribe to my Free Fitness Newsletter and you will receive an email, in which, you can see my official SKYPE username, where you can send me your queries. You can find the subscription form bellow.

Why I’m giving you my consultancy and time for FREE?

Because I think Fitness is the real Health. And in this fitness industry, everyone shares their own opinion and advice on a certain topic on YouTube, Blogs or forums but nobody will tell you which one is best for you. You may have to pay hundreds of dollars to get personalized advice.

And in this place, I want to help you. I already told you in About Me page, that I love to share my knowledge and experience in the fitness industry for more than 3 years with people like you.

And for this reason, I have decided that I will provide my consultancy and doubt clearing sessions for FREE.

What is my Promise to you?

  1. I will never share your personal information with anyone.
  2. I will never share your chat information to anyone. But I may share the problem you’re facing in my blogs and social media (without your identities) to help the world.
  3. I always try to answer all of your queries who have subscribed to my newsletter.
  4. You can consult with me for 1 hour in one day. You can continue your chatting on the next day.

So what are you waiting for? Just subscribe to this FREE Fitness Newsletter and start chatting with me.

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