Welcome to ARChoudhury.com! Starting a NEW Journey :-)

Welcome to ARChoudhury.com!  Starting a NEW Journey :-)
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Welcome to A.R.Choudhury.com, a mirror of my experience in the fitness industry for more than 3 years.

Greetings to all who read these lines. Well, I promise you that from now, I will dedicate a part of my life to write blog posts. I want to see how far I can go.

This blog is started with a vision to share knowledge, experience and increase awareness about How to lead a Healthy, Fit and Secure life.

All the posts which I will be publishing in future will be based on my self-experience, knowledge and opinion. Since you have come here, I feel you should know something about me.

So, I’m Abdur Rahaman Chowdhury, have mastery in Biochemistry, certified personal trainer and a Fitness Blogger. I have started this website to share knowledge and I want this to be an open community to interact with like-minded people on any topic related to :

Relation, and

Well, I do not think that a welcome greeting requires more than a couple of paragraphs. Hope you enjoy the contents that I will be regularly publishing, I expect many comments and above all, your opinion. You can send me your review about this blog anytime using the contact me form.

To see something more about me, you can visit this page: About me.

Enjoy your stay with A.R.Choudhury.com!

A. R. Choudhury
Founder and Editor of ARChoudhury.com.

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